When you let the world crush around you

I guess it's good in a way that when Pretty Thin went under construction a while ago. I lost my support community and myself in the process.
I think I was doing well, maintaining my weight instead of gaining or losing it.
When they closed the site to transwer it from weebly to wordpress, my little world had collapsed.
Everything I knew was gone. I felt this incredible emptiness and the only way to fill it was with food.
In the period of 1,5 years I managed to gain 10kg, 22 pounds!!
You know what weights 22lbs? A medium sized dog. 10 liters of milk! A baby pig!
And that's how I've been feeling lately. Like a baby big, just growing bigger and bigger, more miserable than ever.
I'm currently at my heaviest that I've been since the birth of my child 6 years ago.

So what does one do in the moment of weakness and misery? I guess I'll need to get back on the wagon. Let's start losing weight.
I don't even know where to start. When to start... How?!
Exercise will need to be part of my daily routine. Fast food will need to be something that is allowed only once a month. This is going to be hard... But I will make this my new beginning. 

What I'm gonna need to do first is to find a new support site. I want to do this as healthy as I possibly can, because Healthy is not something I'm very good at... And I might lose it again, I might gain hella lot of weight or go the opposite direction and sicken myself with withering away and getting sick again...

I never 'recovered', I simply got sick in another way.