Last night just before going to bed, I did my challenge exercises and after that I felt like stretching since I realized that I have not been able to 1. do a split or 2. put my leg behind my neck since I've been 12.

I even asked my cousin who does yoga to record me couple of videos for a good night and morning routine. I also did some youtube search and found loads and loads of routines for beginners! It'll make me lean instead of muscular if I really start exercising :) I mean I would not want to look like a friggin female bodybuilder.
Just few more days until another picture, measurements etc.
Despite my habit of stepping on the scale every single time I walk by one - this time I'm weighing myself only once a week... and it is very hard for me to break out of my habit, but also very liberating!

Oh - and since I am VERY bad at all the exercising things etc. this is HUGE news for me - Today I was able to touch my toes!

Anyways, here some pretty pretty pictures ♥ ❤



Challenge accepted

LCD DOES NOT WORK. Not for me anyways. I guess when your body is used to such a tiny amount of calories, hitting hard with this low calorie diet that is higher in calories than what I normally eat - not a good idea.
I gained weight - so super not happy about that.

My friend introduced me to this amazing blog called Just a skinny minute and she has a February challenge there (posted after the stats. sad stats.)
And I will actually start it today and make it a little bit more challenging for February! :)
I took some "Before" picture and I nearly threw up on my laptop as I saw them.. ew.
I will post them at the END of February challenge along with some "After" pictures.
This is so nerve wrecking since I am promising to post pictures of myself completely vulnerable with nothing my my underwear on, all my body's disgustingness revealed. It's gonna be sad. and bad. and horrible. and humiliating. But oh well. I got dumped and I will try to get to that point where all of my ex's will regret ever letting me go cause I will have a hot body to go with my annoying personality.

Wait... Did I say annoying? :D haha, nooooo. I meant delightful. I am such an amazing person and not difficult at all :)
Anyways. here is me in numbers. The challenge is after them.

So today my stats are:
Height: still 5''4/162cm
Weight: 123,7lbs/56.1kg
BMI: 21.34
Then some measurements: 
Thighs: 55cm
Ass (the widest part of the hip area): 94.5
Waist: 75cm
Chest: 90,5 (which I don't want to go lower because I kind of like my boobies)
Arms: 25,5cm




I would have started this diet today, but I didn't go grocery shopping yesterday so I will start this tomorrow!!

This is a 3-day diet and it's Low Calorie Diet. This is somewhat healthy one, which will be a nice change for me.
Today I weighted myself and was 55.1kg so that will be my starting weight.

So this is the plan:


Breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit, tea or coffee (no cream or sugar)

Lunch: 85 g whole grain pasta with 1/2 tomato and fresh herbs.

Dinner: 60g baby spinach, 1 hard boiled egg, 1/2 tomato, 2 tbsp lemon juice.


Breakfast: 1 apple, 1 small low-fat yogurt

Lunch: 60 g baby spinach, 1 small can of tuna (canned in water), 1/2 tomato, 2 tbsp lemon juice

Dinner: grilled vegetables: 1/2 zucchini, 1/2 tomato, 1 yellow bell pepper


Breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit, tea or coffee (no cream or sugar)

Lunch: 1 carrot, 1 small cucumber, 1 small onion, 1 tomato, 1tbsp lemon juice

Dinner: 85g while grain pasta with 1/2 tomato, 1/2 zucchini and fresh herbs


Weight: 55.1kg (+/- 0)
Exercise: none



Happiness is the attitude you wear.

ABC week was such a success!
I started it off with 56.1kg and at the end of it I was 54.8kg. That makes it a weight loss of 1,3kg in one week.

At the end of it, ABC so far continues to be my favorite diet. I find it working and it makes me feel so good and fresh.

And today I saw some abs! I was about to cry - they're not showing well and they're still small, but it was incredible that I could see them. This is the beginning. This is going to be my life and I am not giving up.

I've been exercising with my sauna suit and I frigging love it. I've been eating less and I don't really feel hungry anymore and I eat only when I do.

My regular drink has been green tea since I found out that it boosts up metabolism and being thin is about how well you keep your metabolism going. And some of us are not born with a great metabolism that allows you to eat anything. Some of us are born with a poor one - one that sucks so bad that we just gain weight by looking at a frigging cupcake.

Anyways. So my week has been good for other reasons too. 
All though - I still haven't taken down the Christmas tree... Just feeling SO damn lazy.
I got my glow in the dark ear tunnels I ordered from Crazy-Factory and I love them. The only thing I don't like about them is that even tho I've let them absorbs a lot of light, still the glow doesn't really last :( 

 And I also got my winter shoes that I ordered from ebay! Aren't they just adorable? And My Lord are they comfortable !! They're so warm and so comfy, it's incredible! 

Rico the kitty cat
Cookie says!



Tuna Wrap / D4

So It's day 4 and I am having my meal now :)
It's actually 6:30 pm here.. I've noticed that I've been putting my eating at the end of the day.. :(
I've always tried to make sure people understand the importance of Breakfast and I'm breaking my own rule :/

Today I've been feeling pretty good compared to yesterday. I've been drinking a lot of water and keeping myself hydrated. I've also been so very sleepy since I've started the ABC. I guess I should really be taking those supplements...
I decided to make something fun and special today so I made a tuna wrap (45kcal)!!
I didn't bother counting the calories myself (which I always do) so I just will trust the recipe.
I also took a glass of cola ( 150ml/63kcal)
Unlike in the recipe I took bit advantage of the NCF's and added things like tomato, paprika, garlic to the wrap and instead of 2 leaves I used 1 large leaf :)

KCAL SO FAR: 206 kcal :)
I made 2 wraps. Since the 1st one was so good I just had to make the 2nd one! (and another glass of pop)

Click for
Tuna Wrap Recipe



Calories: 405kcal
Weight: -0.5kg
Exercise: none




I've been doing so good and it's already Day 4!
I hate it how before eating I might weight over 500g less than after...

This Morning my weight was 55.3kg
So that's a -0.8kg in 3 days. :))
I do admit that today trying to eat 400kcal is scary, but I will do it.

Yesterdays I didn't post my stats because I was exhausted.
Not only did I not sleep the night before, but also didn't eat until around 6pm.
I felt sick, cold and weak the entire day. I did take a good 4-5 hour nap during the day, but I think that only made it worse since when I woke up, my hands were shaking and I could barely walk...
Then I realized that I hadn't really been drinking liquids at all. I drank one cup of tea in the morning and that was all the drinking I did that day.
Today I figured It'd be good idea to keep hydrated the priority today :)
And I will make something good and different today, since I've been keeping the same diet for the past couple of days. Like yesterday I had the same sandwich I had the day before...
I am a boring person.

Or maybe just tired.

I do want to point out that diets like these will make you feel miserable at some point, or even every now and then. They will make you feel weak, like the energy had been sucked right out of you. They will make you feel cold, because one thing this calorie amount is giving you is anemic tendencies (if you could say that).
With Ana Boot Camp you are not getting enough vitamins - no matter what you eat. So a good idea would probably be to take some supplements.

Here are yesterday's stats:


Calories: 272,6kcal
Weight: -0.1kg
Exercise: 35minutes on a treadmill



Day 2. Some questions at the bottom.. Please answer.

I just wanted to say that I will try to put more "me" into this blog.
I've been so scared that somebody I know might recognize me that I've been trying to write things in a way so nobody would ever know ME.
I will also try to be a bit more active and alert when writing. I've noticed that my posts are boring as hell...

So Hi.
I am going through some relationship drama. I've been crying all day today and that is why I don't wanna start writing cheerful just now :) but I will tomorrow..
If anybody actually reads this, I would like to welcome some tips about:
1. How would you like to see my blogging? - as in how would you like me to write so you won't get bored.
2. What else would you like to see me write besides how my current diet is going? (since all I can say about that is just the stats... And who won't get bored by just stats.)
3. Other tips? Constructive critique? Anything?

It's 2pm and since I woke up only couple of hours ago, it is my breakfast time :)
This breakfast costed me 271,4kcal.
2slices of bread - 175kcal
1boiled egg - 70kcal
1slice of ham - 26,4kcal
+ coffee (I don't count calories for coffee since it works for me like laxatives)

Edit - 4.30 am

So today went pretty good.
I didn't want to create a new post just to sum up the day.
I ate a sandwich which I threw up after. So I don't know how much calories I should count from that, but I will count 50%... I know I should have not purged, but I couldn't control myself after talking to somebody who reminded me of a person who made me feel fat and disgusting.
So 68.15kcal from my little sandwich episode...

I want to write FOR YOU. I want YOU to enjoy READING what I WRITE. So please and take a minute to answer me.

Ps. I know a lot of crap about dieting, exercising, foods, recipes... I just don't know what you want to see of those.

Calories: 339,55kcal
Weight: +/- 0
Exercise: 60min (Treadmill: 40min Others: 20min)


Good evening.

I'm sorry for being such a lazy blogger.
I've been on ABC since the 3rd and I binged yesterday pretty bad.. So today I am starting over.
I have noticed that when I blog during ABC I am better at controlling myself and keeping myself motivated.

So let me write about ABC firs.

Ana Boot Camp was a pro-ana website that promoted their own 'diet'.
Ana Boot Camp got shut down, but the diet never died.
ABC diet has been a big thing around pro-ana and pro-ed websites, because of it working really fast.
Even though the diet has had a lot of followers, not so many have actually completed the 50-day weight-loss plan.
I myself personally have tried it and my longest run was 30 days until I failed. I did lose good 6kg during that 1 month (and I did cheat couple of times).
The 'trick' of ABC is that you eat certain amount of calories on certain days. The schedule is at random.
The point of the randomness is to trick your body not to go on the "starvation" mode where it stops burning calories and saving anything it gets (which happens on regular calorie restricted diets - that's why they work so slowly).

So here is the schedule (you can save it -right click and save as...- and print it) :

Since I'm starting over today will be my day 1
I ate babyfood for breakfast. It had 125g (65kcal/100g) and 81,25kcal
Then I am about to eat 1 hard boiled egg (76kcal/1egg) and that will be 76kcal.
Totaling my day 1 income to: 157,25kcal/500kcal
Today I weight: 56,1 kg (after eating. Before eating 55,9kg)
So that will be my Starting weight. From now on I will be just posting +/- difference to that.

Calories: 157,25kcal
Weight: +/- 0
Exercise: none



12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily.

New life.

Happy 2012!

New year. New Beginnings. New Body.

I know it's already the 2nd, but just like pretty much everybody else; I was indeed drinking on the eve and i was indeed hungover yesterday and unfortunately the hangover lasted all the way till today.

So  tomorrow I will start my day off with 30 min jog on my treadmill, before that I'll have a cereal bar of 70kcal. and after i have no plans!!
I'm going to start this year with ABC till I lose 3kg and after that I'll try others :)

ABC has proven to be most efficient with Master Cleanse to me, but MC is way too expensive, since maple syrup is not the cheapest thing here... This aint Canada.



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