Sunday Binge

It's a Sunday night right now and I just ate enough food to feed a small village.
Either than that and the beer last night... I did pretty good this week.
I lost 2kg in one week with the rice cakes, but I bet I just gained half of that right back with the amount I just ate.

So tomorrow I will go on another diet.
Have you ever heard of the "chew everything 32 times"?
I read a little about that and apparently that should help you burn calories, speed up your metabolism, help you retain less fat from the foods you eat etc.
I will be allowed to eat pretty much anything I would like, but keep it healthy. I will need to chew everything I put in my mouth 32 times and am not allowed to swallow until I've done that.
Will see how that goes.
I do expect to gain a little at the beginning because I will actually eat food, but then start losing.
Will try to exercise a little while doing this diet, because I've been really out of shape lately.

I've been really stressed out lately because of school... And this diet thing seems to be the only thing I can't give up on since I SUCK at school, because I SUCK at studying and I will SUCK at being a mechanic!

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.



Next week's diet.

Good Morning Love!

How are you guys today? It's a beautiful and cold Sunday here.

Tomorrow I will start my rice cake diet.

That breakfast I had this morning totaled at 173kcal! And it was very filling.

I had 2 rice cakes, on top of the a slice of turkey and 2 slices of cheese with lettuce, tomato and cucumber and of course Green tea.

This is what I will be eating all next week till next Sunday.

Green tea: 0kcal (also good for cleansing your body)
Rice cake: 29,6kcal
Turkey slice: 13,8kcal
2 slices of cheese: 43,2kcal

That is all for today! I will keep you updated on how much I will be losing with this.

Note: I won't be exercising at all, because I'm a lazy bitch.

A whale's penis is called a dork.


Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better.


I am so sorry for being away for so long, it took a while to get my laptop fixed at the repair. But here I am, once again. Not torn into pieces :)

One of the B&A thinspiration pictures.
I don't need to be sick to want to be beautiful. I hate it when people seem to judge or laugh at me when I take my oatmeal bar at school for lunch instead of eating those fat soaked fish-sticks. I find them disgusting.
I have always found female body beautiful, desirable.
I think it's beautiful to have hipbones.
I am not a lesbian, but a beautiful female body turns me on.

When you think about it... That shiver a girl gets when somebody's fingers lightly touch their panty line. The way they arch their back when somebody kisses their belly button, the way that makes a flat beautiful stomach towards the kisser. Soft skin. The way it feels when you put your hand on her back and press her against you.. The way it feels when somebody does it to you and their hand seems so big against your spine that it makes you feel so small and fragile in their hands... I love that. I love the thought of that and I love when a man does that to me. It makes me feel sexy, it makes me feel beautiful and desirable...
I find muscles and bones beautiful. I think it's sexy when you see that line on your upper stomach, where your lungs are (like in the picture) that line that goes from way up there all the way down to your belly button and leads to the sacred place you should not be sharing with just anybody.Don't you want that?
I know I do.
I want to feel beautiful, I want to feel desirable and sexy. I just want to feel good in my own skin.
I am not trying for somebody else... I am doing this for myself. I know it might sound like I just want to please people with the way I look, but no. It's me who is my worst enemy, the biggest critic.
When I look in the mirror, I cannot but stare at how big, fat and low my ass is.. How it just does not seem like the lower part of my body has anything to do with the upper part of myself.

Well thats that....

It's Friday night right now. And in 2 days it will be Monday.
Monday will be awesome, because I'm going to the rice cake with turkey (NCF included) and green tea diet.
It's actually really satisfying AND if you're short on money - REALLY cheap!

Sacrifice is giving up something good, for something better.
I know I'm getting something major out of this. Next summer - I WILL be wearing that bikini baby! YEAH!



what makes you happy?

My computer has crashed last week... I took it to be fixed and it's still there... That's one reason I havent been updating. Sorry.. Will get back to it when I get it back.

My spirit has been crushed.. I feel like everything is falling apart.. I am falling emotionally apart. I feel incredibly lonely and it seems like there is nothing that I can do to make myself happy... I've cried so much that I've drained all my tears and there is nothing coming out anymore.. I love every other aspect of my life, but right now it seems to be difficult to love anything about my life...
Losing pounds makes me happy... But lately it seems like they're there to stay and nothing is driving them away...
Going to liquid fast for the rest of the week. Maybe that will make me happy. So I'd ask you, what makes you happy, but I doubt that anyone would answer me...

I promise to be happier once I get my baby back from the computer care place