I don't know where this quote is from originally, but I think it's beautiful.

"I like drinking coffee alone and reading alone. I like riding the bus alone and walking home alone. It gives me time to think and set my mind free. I like eating alone and listening to music alone. but when I see a mother with her child, a girl with her lover, or a friend laughing with their best friend, I realise that even though I like being alone, I don’t fancy being lonely. The sky is beautiful, but the people are sad. I just need someone who won’t run away."



Few more days

I think I should start the year 2012 with ABC.

Have you ever thought that if you're unable to love yourself, how can you expect somebody else to?
I think that everyday...
My biggest new years resolution is to lose 10kg. And keep it off.
While we wait for 2012.. We might as well listen to 90's music (click the link). Think about this: it's been 22 years since 1990. 12 since 1999.
90's kid's. We <3 90's!! Happy New Years! 
This is even a better mix!



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. 

I hate it how people have the ability to make me feel ugly as fuck without even realizing it... I don't wanna hear that the girl my ex exchanged me to is hotter than me... I already know that.



Until my heart heals.

I'm broken.
Today is the day I will stop eating
until my heart heals.



Paper Towns

Just because I'm keeping a diet free month, does not mean I need to keep a silent blog month! 

Do you like books?
I love reading and I love listening to audio books (good in example if you wanna know the story while doing stuff like cleaning or crafting).
The latest book I'm listening to is called Paper Towns by John Green.
It's absolutely brilliant! I love the story, I love the geekieness of the main character and his relationship with Margo.

When Margo Roth Spiegelman beckons Quentin Jacobsen in the middle of the night—dressed like a ninja and plotting an ingenious campaign of revenge—he follows her. Margo’s always planned extravagantly, and, until now, she’s always planned solo. After a lifetime of loving Margo from afar, things are finally looking up for Q . . . until day breaks and she has vanished. Always an enigma, Margo has now become a mystery. But there are clues. And they’re for Q.
I haven't read the most known work of John Green Looking for Alaska, but I hear it's incredibly good as well.
The latest books I've read were few years ago and they were... bada ba baaam... Twilight saga. I did love the story Stephanie Meyer wrote about this sparkling hot vampire, but in my honest opinion - they totally ruined that story with the movies. Because it was such a low budget movie when they first started filming they casted the most annoying, talentless and stupid actress called Kirsten Stewart and I do from the bottom of my heart hate her acting. She looks like she is constantly having a seizure while biting her lips and doesn't seem to know what the hell she should do with her face. 
Anyways. So much about Twilight.

I really did find Paper Towns surprisingly good. And I think a book is good when you can't seem to find ENOUGH time to read or listen to it. I have been all over it. I have it on my iPhone and I listen to it while one my way to school (2hrs btw) and back home, and while cleaning my apartment, while knitting.. Basically while doing anything that doesn't require me to think too much of what I'm doing.

Here are couple of my favorite quotes from the book so far. (I'm only on the beginning of disc 4 out of 7)

It's always seemed so ridiculous to me, that you would want to be with someone just because they're pretty. Like choosing breakfast cereal based on color instead of taste
Dude, I don't want to talk about Lacey's prom shoes. And I'll tell you why: I have this thing that makes me really uninterested in prom shoes. It's called a penis.
I shaved this morning for precisely that reason. I was like, ‘Well, you never know when someone is going to clamp down on your calf and try to suck out the snake poison.
I really do highly recommend this book!



Lucy in the sky with elfs.


I know I've been gone since my Sunday Binge update...
Well.. One thing I forgot to mention is:
I do keep an obsession free month each year and that is December.
My goal each December is:
1. Do not purge (or binge)
2. Try not to diet, yet still don't go crazy with Christmas sweets.
3. Don't forget to exercise.
4. Keep your apartment clean.
And last but not least:

Each year that last one gets lost throughout the entire December up until Dec 22nd. So this year I am getting there extra early !! My mom helped me clean up my entire apartment and I have  bought some X-mas decorations that I will be putting up tomorrow amongst with the TREE!
Christmas is the only time of the year that seeing fat people make me all jolly. That's because I secretly wish that I'd see Santa Claus - since all Finns know that Santa lives in Finland :)
Last year I saw him in a grocery store, he was chubby, white beard, white hair, red shirt. It was him. I know it. And children know it too!! My 4 year old daughter pointed him out for me and yelled "mommy, look! It's Santa!" :D even tho Santa laughed, I know it was just because he knew that she knew.. I'm on to you mr. Claus.



Sunday Binge

It's a Sunday night right now and I just ate enough food to feed a small village.
Either than that and the beer last night... I did pretty good this week.
I lost 2kg in one week with the rice cakes, but I bet I just gained half of that right back with the amount I just ate.

So tomorrow I will go on another diet.
Have you ever heard of the "chew everything 32 times"?
I read a little about that and apparently that should help you burn calories, speed up your metabolism, help you retain less fat from the foods you eat etc.
I will be allowed to eat pretty much anything I would like, but keep it healthy. I will need to chew everything I put in my mouth 32 times and am not allowed to swallow until I've done that.
Will see how that goes.
I do expect to gain a little at the beginning because I will actually eat food, but then start losing.
Will try to exercise a little while doing this diet, because I've been really out of shape lately.

I've been really stressed out lately because of school... And this diet thing seems to be the only thing I can't give up on since I SUCK at school, because I SUCK at studying and I will SUCK at being a mechanic!

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.



Next week's diet.

Good Morning Love!

How are you guys today? It's a beautiful and cold Sunday here.

Tomorrow I will start my rice cake diet.

That breakfast I had this morning totaled at 173kcal! And it was very filling.

I had 2 rice cakes, on top of the a slice of turkey and 2 slices of cheese with lettuce, tomato and cucumber and of course Green tea.

This is what I will be eating all next week till next Sunday.

Green tea: 0kcal (also good for cleansing your body)
Rice cake: 29,6kcal
Turkey slice: 13,8kcal
2 slices of cheese: 43,2kcal

That is all for today! I will keep you updated on how much I will be losing with this.

Note: I won't be exercising at all, because I'm a lazy bitch.

A whale's penis is called a dork.


Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better.


I am so sorry for being away for so long, it took a while to get my laptop fixed at the repair. But here I am, once again. Not torn into pieces :)

One of the B&A thinspiration pictures.
I don't need to be sick to want to be beautiful. I hate it when people seem to judge or laugh at me when I take my oatmeal bar at school for lunch instead of eating those fat soaked fish-sticks. I find them disgusting.
I have always found female body beautiful, desirable.
I think it's beautiful to have hipbones.
I am not a lesbian, but a beautiful female body turns me on.

When you think about it... That shiver a girl gets when somebody's fingers lightly touch their panty line. The way they arch their back when somebody kisses their belly button, the way that makes a flat beautiful stomach towards the kisser. Soft skin. The way it feels when you put your hand on her back and press her against you.. The way it feels when somebody does it to you and their hand seems so big against your spine that it makes you feel so small and fragile in their hands... I love that. I love the thought of that and I love when a man does that to me. It makes me feel sexy, it makes me feel beautiful and desirable...
I find muscles and bones beautiful. I think it's sexy when you see that line on your upper stomach, where your lungs are (like in the picture) that line that goes from way up there all the way down to your belly button and leads to the sacred place you should not be sharing with just anybody.Don't you want that?
I know I do.
I want to feel beautiful, I want to feel desirable and sexy. I just want to feel good in my own skin.
I am not trying for somebody else... I am doing this for myself. I know it might sound like I just want to please people with the way I look, but no. It's me who is my worst enemy, the biggest critic.
When I look in the mirror, I cannot but stare at how big, fat and low my ass is.. How it just does not seem like the lower part of my body has anything to do with the upper part of myself.

Well thats that....

It's Friday night right now. And in 2 days it will be Monday.
Monday will be awesome, because I'm going to the rice cake with turkey (NCF included) and green tea diet.
It's actually really satisfying AND if you're short on money - REALLY cheap!

Sacrifice is giving up something good, for something better.
I know I'm getting something major out of this. Next summer - I WILL be wearing that bikini baby! YEAH!



what makes you happy?

My computer has crashed last week... I took it to be fixed and it's still there... That's one reason I havent been updating. Sorry.. Will get back to it when I get it back.

My spirit has been crushed.. I feel like everything is falling apart.. I am falling emotionally apart. I feel incredibly lonely and it seems like there is nothing that I can do to make myself happy... I've cried so much that I've drained all my tears and there is nothing coming out anymore.. I love every other aspect of my life, but right now it seems to be difficult to love anything about my life...
Losing pounds makes me happy... But lately it seems like they're there to stay and nothing is driving them away...
Going to liquid fast for the rest of the week. Maybe that will make me happy. So I'd ask you, what makes you happy, but I doubt that anyone would answer me...

I promise to be happier once I get my baby back from the computer care place


Happy Halloween !!


Halloween is my all time favorite celebration!! I love Halloween. I love the spiders, the witches, the scary little skeleton things with motion sensors which scare the living crap out of you in the dark!!
And most of all, I LOVE the Costumes!!

This is the first picture of me ever in this blog, but I just had to since I was playing around with makeup and stuff and wanted to show off here!! :)

So here I am... As quoting my friend Joanna "Marilyn Zombroe" (click the picture to see it bigger)

Who were you for Halloween?

Back to the REAL life.
This Halloween went binge eating quite a lot...
So TODAY I am going to on that Wok Diet I was talking about in my previous post.

Anyways I will come back to edit this post in a few and talk about that diet some more!!



This week is off.


I'm sorry I've been away, there has been problems with my internet connection. (Oh boy do I regret changing the provider now... -.- )

So. Last week wen't good all the way until the end.
I lost all together 6 lbs in one week with Russian Gymnast diet. But then I blew it by getting drunk and while wasted I had two pizzas... Yes... Two. I know. I felt so sick in the morning, not sure if because of the  food or because of the booze... Anyways gained some of the weight right back.

This week I've been eating very little but random foods, so I won't be doing any diet this week. And halloween is coming up too so it'll include some alcohol... But on the 31st I will go on wok diet :)
So it'll include a 100g of wok veggies 2 times a day. Drinking allows 0 cal drinks.
You're not supposed to add anything to the veggies besides a tiny bit of olive oil for the cooking of the wok veggies :)



Intorducing Sofia. Talking about people you look up to.

Good evening.

I want to start off by introducing Sofia, she will be co-posting with me to PBB!
Sofia is "Temporary" from Pretty Thin.
She will be telling a little about herself here later on. She will be helping me keep you guys updated on diets and such :)
There are HUNDREDS of diets out there and to cover the interesting one's faster it's better to have a co-author here on this blog. We won't be doing the same diets at the same time, doesn't mean she won't try the one's I've done and I won't try the one's she has already covered since diets are different for different people and it's easier to find that perfect one if you read couple of people's opinions on them, right?
I am very excited to have another author here, since this is my first time blogging with another person :)
So Welcome Sofia!! Than you for joining me!! And I bet out readers are just as excited as I am!!
And I hope we will have her for a long time ♥

So let me tell a little about my day 4 of RGD.

I slipped a little bit today... I had couple of glasses of Rose wine instead of my 8 baby carrots tonight..
I've had somewhat harsh couple of days.. Crying burns calories, right?
I've been a mess since yesterday.. It feels like I'm falling apart.. Might be hormones :D haha!
Anyways, I also wanted to talk about people I look up to. Well... For me it's a person.

She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. She is successful, beautiful, she has amazing sense of style and an amazing sense of humor.
She is a mother of 4 and possesses the most beautiful body I have ever seen on a person.
In 1999 she married the hottest football player in England. Yes I think you know who I'm talking about.
Victoria Caroline Beckham, 37 years old, married to THE David Beckham. 
She is a mother, a designer and a singer and she was (in my opinion) the hottest Spice Girl of them all.
We have NEVER seen her fat or even chubby. (well maybe a bit rounder but not like Christina Aguilera look at this)
Victoria has always kept her perfect style, her glamor and her amazing body no matter what she went through in her life.
THIS is why I look up to mrs. Beckham, not only because of her body, but becuase she showed me that you can come from nowhere and become a star and STAY at the top no matter what.
So enjoy a little drooling ♥ (click the picture to see it fullsize)



Russian Gymnast Diet - Day 3


I am sitting here on my couch watching MTV's "Moving In" and eating my fruit salad.
One thing that is exciting about this diet is that I love kiwi, but I never really buy them and now I have to eat them and I'm lovin' it! ♥

I have already lost 3 pounds (around 1,3-1,5kg). I don't know if I'll be hitting the treadmill today since I feel a little weak and tired today, but that's cause I've been studying all day and slept only for 5 hours.

My 3rd days is going great :))
I am thinking that next week I'll go on a veggie diet. It's basically just eating different vegetables each day and drinking nothing but tea (preferably green tea, no milk no sugar). I will have a day plan up complete with calorie intake each day :) That week I'll be updating daily :)) What do you think? or do you have any other ideas for week 2 diet?



Russian Gymnast Diet - Day 1

Good Evening!

It's 7:30 pm and it's the day 1 of the RGD!
I have to start by telling how incredibly surprised I am! I had my glass of apple juice in the morning at around 10am and then went out, I almost slipped at a fast food joint until in the middle of the order realized "YOU'RE ON A DIET" :D So I canceled that and instead just bought a bottle of water.
Today has been so incredibly easy! And I am super happy about that.
My salad had everything it needed: I used
1 apple
1 kiwi
1/2 orange
a little bit of pineapples and it was so much! so filling! Tomorrow I will probably half that since I actually got so full that my tummy was aching :(

Today I weighted 58,8kg (129,6lbs). (I know A LOT. I've gained almost 5kg since "my 50 days of abc")

All together, I feel amazing, I don't feel weak or cold at all. I will hit the treadmill in about 30 min and then my last snack of of the day before going to bed :)



Irina Tchachina - The russian Gymnast

Irina Tchachina was a young woman who was a bit taller than average Russian Gymnasts by being 5''7 when the average being 5''2. She had a clear disadvantage because of this, but still wanting to get to be able to compete at the Olympics, she needed to lose weight in order to fit in the right form and weight class. She achieved that goal by following a simple diet that so many other gymnasts are known to follow to this day and that diet is called the "Russian Gymnast Diet" aka. "RGD".
And btw. She has a SMOKING body like do all gymnasts in general.

The Gymnast Diet will be the diet I will be starting my Diet experiments with!
So starting Monday I will do one week of RGD! :) So excited!

This diet is not meant for ongoing weight loss or maintenance program!

This is how it goes and how I am going to do it:

- Glass of either orange or apple juice or one cup of black coffee or a slice of calorie-reduced bread
- Fruit Salad (made off kiwi fruit, orange, pineapple, and peeled apples)
- Glass of fruit juice (from one of the above fruits)
- Glass of non carbonated water or green tea
- Green apple or 8 baby carrots
 A non carbonated drinks with no calories can also be had without any limits.

I will also do
+20 minutes of exercise daily for 7 days (probably hit the treadmill while watching shit tv shows or movies)

This diet is very easy but should not be done for more than 3 weeks. Doing it longer than one week is not recommended.


Some gymnast body thinspiration here !! ♥ And yes I know they're flexible - the diet won't help you with that. 


About AmyLee and PBB


I am AmyLee, a little girl in her early 20's with a low self-esteem.
That last part is probably why I would not want anyone to know who I really am and what I look like.
Everything I write here is about my real me, just without a face.

This is not a Pro-Ana blog, but I don't judge. I see it as this blog is for everybody. (Fat, thin, short, tall, man, women. Not children though!)

PBB is a lifestyle and diet blog. I won't be telling you here how you can cheat on your weight check up's or what to do to purge easier. But I will tell you how you can take the feel of hunger away for a while and what you can eat without gaining any weight from those foods.
I do have a tiny obsessions with calories. I count, I weight and I do like to know the exact amount of calories in my foods every time that's possible.
I will be telling you about my life and diets.
I would never risk my health for anything. I would never go below certain weight.
I do think This blog has a lot to offer for eveybody. It would never hurt a person to know how to make foods that are under certain calories, right?
Just as long as you remember that "calorie" is not a curse word.

So much about this blog... Now a little bit about myself.

I realized I had an ED when I was 14. I was bulimic and all on my own. I could not tell anybody about it because when I was 14 the Internet was not as big as it is now. I've been on/off purging ever since.
I do try to get better though. I stopped purging daily around a year ago, I still do it sometimes I mean I'm just a human, I'ts like quitting smoking - can't do it cold turkey.

I love arts and crafts, music, animals, writing and games.
I am just a regular rock loving girl with big plans and dreams for her life  ♥
Sometimes things crash and sometimes they just simply work out. :) 

I do hope everybody realized that dieting too young is not healthy and  you should never risk to be hospitalized. If you feel really sick and weak - eat.



NCF are your best friend


I am SO impatient! :D
I was going to update only tomorrow, but what the hell...
So I realized that deleting everything from my blog means = all the charts gone. And I know how you guys like the charts and lists!
So here you have my personal favorite: Negative Calorie Food's list ! Yay!
I love NCF because even tho they do have calories in them, but your body burns more calories when you eat (chew and digest the foods) than the food consists itself.

So TaDa! Here you go:



New beginnings ♥ (most important at the end)

Hello dear readers!

I am finally back with new design and new name!
Due to personal matters I had to abandon my blog for few months and I really wanted to do something special this time.

First of all I would like to ask you to tell people about this Blog, SHARE SHARE SHARE! On Facebook, Twitter, everywhere!! Tell Everybody you know who would be interested in readin this.
2nd is Follow! If you wish to be updated please click the link at the bottom to Follow this blog (in which I can also keep a track in how many readers I have).

Now let me walk you though the changes:

1. I changed the name. 50 Days of ABC was good, but it limited alot of what I can do with this blog. ABC is only 50 days, it's good to document the progress but then what? what do I do when I finish? What do I do when I fail? What about other things and diets I want to try?
This is why I decided to get rid of 50 Days of ABC and introduce you to "Pretty Baby Butterfly".

My lovely friend was nice enough to create this new design and a banner So thank you J <3 !

2. Tips, tricks and diets.
 - I love diets, really I do. Since I've been gone, I have gained ALOT of weight and now I need to get rid of that.
 - I will be posting different weightloss tricks tips and will be also posting different diets of which some of you might not have ever even heard of! And I would also like you to share what you've got!!

3. Posting:
  - To be sure I won't give up again, I will be keeping you updated and post 3-5 times a week.

I hope you're still here because this is the most exciting part here for me:
I will kick this off by experimenting all different diets I've heard of for one week at a time. Will be posting how I'm doing, weight change, pictures etc.
I have not decided on the first diet yet. I think I might go with the "skinny girl diet" or maybe "ABC"
One week at a time, no more, no less. From Monday to Sunday. Will post my weight at the beginning and at the end of the week.
Now it's Wednesday, so this week I will just post charts and little things before I start this off.
I would like you to tell me in comments what would you like me to try! Which diet! If you wish to contact me please email me at PrettyBButterfly@hotmail.com